Hal Advocating for CS

“Together is Better – A Little Book of Inspiration” by Simon Sinek

Hal is my inspiration for CS advocacy.  Would not be doing what I am doing today without Hal.  He takes an idea and takes action.

Hal Speed is a parent in Austin ISD who began his path of computer science education advocacy when he discovered on of his son’s high schools offered CS and the other did not.  He is doing so much now, that the easiest way for me to refer to his work is to post links online.  That is what got me to the White House as Champion of Change.  I mainly post lessons to save myself time as a teacher and for my students to use, but discovered this history tells my story.  It was this that the White House used for my award to learn about my advocacy.

Testifying for Texas CS Standards at SBOE Meeting 4/21

States passing CS Standards after 4/2017 (articles I find).

  1. Colorado