Coding in the Arts at HAP

 Conference 2/19/2018
Better Together – Building Community Through the Arts

STEAM into “Computer Science for All” by coding in the arts.

In the ISTE Digital Equity in Computer Science Webinar the leaders said “It takes a creative teacher to make the connection to integrate CS into their content area.”  My solution – ART TEACHERS – who are intrinsically creative.   Thank you for walking into this computational thinking world! + Houston Arts Partners



  1. Warmup – Binary Bracelets Networking
  2. Fold-a-book
    1. Cover: Your name and write CODE in binary
    2. Page 2: WHY you came to this session.
    3. Page 3: WHAT take-away to you hope to learn.
    4. Page 4 & 5: Mondrian Art Plan
    5. Page 6 & 7: Line Dance Steps with arrows
    6. Back: Circle with Action Item
  3. Programming with graphics modules and video
  4. Mondrian Art examples
  5. Jump into Drawing Mondrian Art with Bootstrap
  6. Pro-Bot ART and Bee-Bot Line Dance– See Lessons in No Fear Code Book
  7. Digital Flower and CS in the Garden
  8. Circle Connections – Action Plan
  9. Home Challenge: Virtual and cut snowflakes, puzzles
  10. Homework:  Look at unplugged lessons that connect to art, music and dance.

Mondrian Art

Coding Mondrian Art Examples




Details Lessons on the Bee-Bot in the ISTE Book No Fear Code

Pair ProgrammingConnectingNo Fear Coding

Training and Collaboration:

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