Coding in the Arts – Entertainment

Entertainment can inspire thinking – how did they do that?


Bringing musical stars back via hologram – How? It is magic. No it is software and technology and artistry.  1862 Scientist John Pepper designed first process. Thanks to new projection technology, dead performers from the past may be the future of live performance.

Sheeran wrote his own rules – A small act that made it big with file sharingReinvented entertainment industry – Thanks to my fan I made it big. There is a method to his success, write catchy songs about things you know. – I know that place, I have sat on that same beach eating fish and chips and went to the “Castle on the Hill” – Need to get back to London where my son lives. Who helped you most? My friends – file sharing. Did things people said he could never do.


The beautify and science of bubbles. – A bubble is an electrical network that is interdependent. Bubbles are pop stars. Bubbles are important…


CBS Sunday Morning 2012 – Lost art of Automatons alive again– The more you watch it, the more you realize how little you really know.  Hugo with 11 academy awards and my post in 2012. I wonder about the lost art of learning – innovation and creative time. 2018 and classrooms still in the 20th century. Rare curiosities finding modern birth.



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