Design Thinking

The question of whether computers can think is like
the question of whether submarines can swim.

~Edsger W. Dijkstra

I went to 3 robotics competitions / challenges recently:  FIRST Robotics Competition where a Houston area team won, the Ecobot Challenge  and the Bot-Ball Competition in Spring Branch ISD. I met many inspiring teachers volunteering their time to build 21st century skills for our children.

I asked the students what design thinking process did they use in building and coding their robots.  Can your student explain the process they used to solve a problem?  Or are they using Guess and Check experimenting.  The design recipe, the process in solving the problem must be communicated. That is what I am trying to teach. That process must be developed started in elementary school.  How can potential energy be built like Tyrone did in the winning car design from the EcoBot challenge?

My question is whether schools will provide innovative time for student to build computational and design thinking skills. Whether this is in robotics, coding in the arts, or gardening, students must be given the opportunity to build design thinking skills.

An example of an amazing educator doing this is at Memorial High School.“Everyone is an engineer just like everyone is an artist,” said Van Zeelst. … We just need to give students the opportunity to build their inner STEAM”. … We need to build our instruction around our students: Spring Branch ISD Superintendent Dr. Muri won an innovate award on behalf of the district. This MHS librarian is one example of what innovators can do. I can’t wait to see design thinking happening in every classroom.


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