When are people going to learn that people are more important than money?
Are grades classroom money?
Innovative Time and Community Service Graduation requirement are solutions.
Lets give those who aspire to help solve real world problems that opportunity.

As I watch my granddaughter – my flower – explore and experiment, I see how she has all the innovative time she needs to learn. My aspiration is to make sure she has an education outside the box, that bowl that keeps classrooms swimming in circles.

Watch the fish in a bowl


Calling all superintendents to motivate all their principals to motivate all their teachers to give class time to help young women start the process of applying for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award during the school day. And calling all parents to support their child in completing the application before November 7th.

Calling all divas, hackers, coders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, designers, artists, dancers, writers to help young learners to run in circles around their passion.  Community service that involves unplugged CS lessons is a solution to build our future minds. Not computer time.  And that takes Code Buddies as teachers are so overloaded they need your help with 25+ kids wanting individual attention.  And your expertise to understand that computer science is a process that starts the skills needed to learn how to solve real world problems.

Will you help!

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