Remembering can be Sad


CBS Sunday Morning – Will miss Charlie too.  So many inspirational SUNS … So many inspirational thoughts from the best show on TV- like this post I write on this Sunday Morning.  Guess I will have to see you on the radio as I walk my little flower.

Today after seeing your story about Lancaster remembered when I went there for training to teach Technology Systems at Houston ISD’s Westside High School.  This changed my world as I experienced the environment that every school needs to provide. That went away and I am still wondering why and how to get it back.  I remember the students that touched my life. Makes be a little sad that I don’t know how their life is now.

Just hope they are happy.  Hope they get outside and listen.  Have not been listening to the Osgood File while walking, but will do it now.  CBS and Charlie again inspiring me to do something new. As I always know that something new takes away the sad.  Like my remembering 9/11 and all my other posts that have a history of my students created because I know how to code in HTML.  Remembering my editorials inspired by CBS Sunday Morning and Charles Osgood, both published in the Houston Chronicle and unpublished posted on my blog. Wondering my next path in the sun.

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