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Thank you Barbara … Looking forward to our Walks and Talks in Nature

But then I also like to tell stories on my blog, something that always surprises me as I hated to write when I was in school. So, let me tell you about a flower, Linda, an elderly neighbor of my daughter’s.  She brought over bags of grapes to my grandchildren and family to build community in their little cul-de-sac.  She gave me two bags too, and said share this with one of your neighbors.

So, on my walk with my little flower Mia, we talked about sharing and reducing the “selfie” people in this world.  We took the grapes to neighbors Emily and Tom,  that have been on my list to visit as he had surgery. Tom and I talked about my new fun nanny activity, as I felt Mia was too young to put into day-care, and discussed if there really is quality day-care.

Then on my walk home went down a path I usually avoid because the stroller picks up hidden dog poop.  As I was cleaning the wheels I wished that those who do pick up after their dog would also pick up any dog mess they see. As we all have to help each other out in this world.  We have to do things just because they are right.

Such as planting seeds of kindness.  Mia’s favorite book, If You Plant a Seed. And I think about the Zinnias that grew from seeds that my grandchildren planted in our community garden cul-de-sac. And I wish more people would step up to the plate and help grow gardens in schools.  As teachers are so overloaded they can’t get beyond survival. Just like parents trying to raise their kids.  That is why it is so much fun taking care of my granddaughter, as when I was a single parent I seemed to only have time to survive and not stop and smell the flowers.

And the fun is added when I go for a walk, as people stop and talk to my little bundle of joy.  Have been walking the same path for years and see the same people, but now stop and talk.

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