My mother is going to tell my story. Maybe one day I will have a device like Barbie that gives me the power to communicate a little myself. When she goes to conferences to talk about computer science education I get to go with her. At the ISTE 2013 Conference my mother’s roommate said I had to have a Twitter handle which I created as @TedE4CS.

At the 2015 Code.org Summit she was presenting on her history of CS Advocacy so I went to help her along with my buddy the Bee-Bot. She is leaving on another trip so will finish her story in August, but I said before you leave please post some pictures of me. She is hoping that those who attended will share their advocacy ideas on the Google form. She is excited that she met rooms full of experts that have done so much more and wants to hear how they did it. At our breakfast table heard these conversatons: ChicagoCodeorgCarl, ChicagoCodeorgDebbie, ChicagoCodeOrgSabrina

I even got to wear Hadi’s hat that was wore by the President when he coded. I had dinner with the Texas Team and got to ride the Ferris Wheel with Auntie Ruth and Linda.

Super Power

The most powerful of software tools is the programming language … an important role for the teacher is as a sort of human tool, a consultant on ways and means, rather than an initiator of activities for students.” – Brian Harvey 1980

Since starting teachin in 1980s I have had a super hero in the classroom with me

Learn about a the “superpower” that isn’t being taught in 90% of US schools.


Decision Making

This is the answer to the question below. I decided to leave the Tech for Tots Conference in Galveston yesterday. So much for my plan to give the award to the winner of the Estimate the number of beads and money in the Code Jar game today. The answer is 826 beads and $8.26. The winner is Michele; she estimated 826 beads and $9.27.

Part of decision making is using the best resource to solve a problem. So, have learned that I should use a Google Form to collect the data. That way I can easily use the spreadsheet to calculate the winner. This connects to Big Data and Crowd Sourcing, a Code Studio unplugged lesson. The more data, the better the decision.

Computer Science teaches data analysis and using that data to solve a problem. And since the computer is more accurate and faster than a human, coding the solution to the problem is more effective. CEOs make the big bucks because they are responsible for the big decisions, and includes the cost of software. So, they need to learn, What is Code?

So, how do students learn to make decisions if the teacher decides what kids are supposed to do? And how do teachers allot time to this if administrators are deciding the allocation of their teaching time? It is an equity issue, allocate the same amount of time to coding and PBL that goes to testing. And TIME, not money is the most needed resource in the classroom.

Assessing Math TEKS


codemathteks . codehouston . knorth .
Just add a DOT edublogs.org

OR just Build-a-brain DOT com AS Knowledge is Answers to Questions.

What is the most important thing your students need to learn?


Why are there coins on the bench?

There are news mongers down on 61st street to capture the approaching tropical storm. So, what do you think? Should you leave early? Do you decide this alone?

I found out because I talked to someone who found “Wilson” and was so excited she stopped to tell me as I was sitting by the ocean this morning.

Now time for you to Talk to those around you.

But, first let me introduce you to TedeE @TedE4CS, TamE, Phillip and those who came to the Code.org Workshop yesterday.

Your Career, Your Future!

Spring Branch Middle School Presentation by Junior Achievement of SE Texas

Knowledge is Answers to Questions. The more questions the more knowledge.

Making Decisions for Tomorrow, Today.

Connecting Your Future

  • What is next on your journey?
    • What is your passion?
    • What interests you?
    • What are you Good at?

    Interests Clubs
    Google CS First Clubs

  • Would you like to know about my journey?
    • Spring Branch Middle School and Memorial High School Student – I learned how to learn, and type fast.
    • University of Texas Math major, Computer Science minor – Learned programming with keypunch cards was frustrating as one little comma missing and the main frame rejected your work.
    • Research Analyst and Stock Broker Underwood Neuhaus – Learned how to get money to work for you, so you had resources for your passions.
    • Personal Assistant to Dr. Mavis Kelsey – Learned about Genealogy, Art Collections, Programming a data base, and managing personal finance.
    • Math, Computer Science, Technology Systems and Business teacher – learned that I have a passion for teaching and having the summers to spend with my children doing things I love.
    • Grandmother of future Spring Branch Middle School students and Computer Science Education Consultant – learned that I must be part of the solution in schools.

  • Why should you start planning for your future today?
    • To Explore your interests and connect to a career – note that in every career knowing how to code is a bonus
    • Maximize time learning in High School
    • Get involved with groups that help prepare you for your future
    • Start making plans to pay for your education – play the Game of Real Life.

    Creative Schools

    The title of Ken Robinson’s new book. So, how do educators solve the problem of building creative minds that has been discussed way to long.

    Professor Art Markman in Train Yourself to Be More Creative said the first step is to determine the “inner essence” of your problem is to ask: What problem are you really trying to solve? Ask yourself,

    If I wrote a book about my problem, what would I call it? How would I describe the problem in three words to someone else? Those simple exercises can help you clear out the clutter to focus on the heart of the problem.

    Wish decision makers would do that before asking teachers to implement their mandates. My words TEACHERS HAVE SOLUTIONS. My book title, TEACHERS KNOW BEST. Real problem trying to solve is how to empower teachers to motivate them to do more than they have to. Like all the Houston teachers who give up their time to learn to use coding to create creative classrooms.

    To have CREATIVE SCHOOLS, you must first have CREATIVE TEACHERS and creative classroom environments!! No art classroom would have desks in a row. The curriculum is based on creating products of learning. If the focus was based on a test score, there would be no art.

    Google CS First Clubs make it easy. TIME is the roadblock. Testing is required for accountability, so require club time during the school day where every teacher hosts a club around their passion. Where community members can team with a teacher to bring their passion and expertise into the the school. That simple thing, one hour a week, can help transform education.

    Enhancing this on Mother’s Day as inspired again! My adopted female student, a computer science major at the University of Houston who attended Alief Early College HS send me a Happy MD text. And my son and grandson re-created this. A Lego creation my son made when he was in college that fell apart. He used to teach in the Austin area, but is now a math teacher at the American School in London.

    See the video: “Mom” to “I Love You” created with Legos by my son and grandson

    Teacher Appreciation Happy Hour of Code

    Leaving No Teacher Behind,
    so they can Leave No Child Behind


    2014-2015 Code.org Workshop Participants

    Goal – Networking Time for Teachers
    Create Lego Networking Art
    Trade bricks to create a rectangle with four different attributes.
    Lego Networking Packs LegoNetworkingArtMay2015

    Start a Google CS First Fashion & Design Club – www.cs-first.com
    Build your own business!
    A better Fund Raiser: Binary Bracelet Jewelry Packs
    Create your own Stage – Sharp Tank Teach-Offs

    Business Host
    Microsoft in the Houston Galleria

    Community Host
    American Association of University Women WISE Group

    When and RSVP
    Teacher Appreciation Day May 6th

    Planning Team
    Kerianne DeSantis, Karen North, Alexis Pernas, Amanda Jost, Ruth Hanson

    Solving the Equation

    AAUW (American Association of University Women) released their new book, “Solving the Equation: The Variables for Success in Engineering and Computing.” Their webinar adds more ideas. Including the solution of a Million Women Mentors. I signed up to be a mentor to computer science teachers, as to leave to child behind, we must first leave no teacher behind.

    What can you to be a variable in solving the equation?

    In Houston the Children at Risk School Report Card was just released. I communicated and posted my solutions. But, I am only just a small part. We have been talking about this problem for way to long, time to make solving real world problems using computer science methodology a part of every school day.

    Happy Earth Day

    “To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow.
    Taking Care of our Brains so we can take care of our Earth.

    TedE and TamE solving problems in the garden

    TedE and TamE solving problems in the Garden

    Life is a Garden.
    But there will always be weeds.
    That is why we must provide time for kids to learn to solve real world problems.

    How that special glow can warm you from inside out … From CBS Morning Aurora Lights. I feel that same glow watching others find their inspiration in the outdoors. Nature is the best teacher. It is quite addicting to share this world with passionate volunteers; One of those being an AAUW WISE member Lynn H. who invited me to help at the Houston Arboretum Earth Day celebration. Also, nice to feel valued, as they even sent a note of thanks signed by all their staff.

    A volunteer Mom’s daughter having observed the process took over the teaching how to make a Habitat Bracelet. This Kindergartener explained that the purple bead represented the fruit the raccoons ate in their habitat and warned not to eat berries in the wild because they might be poisonous. One parent wanted to do the Raccoon Habitat bracelet with students in her local elementary school. This inspired me to post the activity here so others can continue this glow.

    What did you do for Earth Day?

    Houston ISD Student teaching how to make a HABITAT BRACELET

    Houston ISD Student teaching how to make a HABITAT BRACELET

    Habitat Bracelet Directions:
    Animals need food, water, Shelter and space to live. Where do they find these things? In their HABITAT, or home. Raccoons live in the forest (and sometimes in our neighborhoods!). You will be making a Habitat Bracelet to represent all of the things a raccoon needs to survive. Take a string or pipe cleaner. As you pass through the stations, you add different colored beads, each one representing a different raccoon need. Blue – Water, Yellow – Invertebrates, Red – Vertebrates, Green – Plants, Orange – Nuts.

    Binary Bracelets  are fun too.  Learn how to create them too, so you can build your brain. Inspired?  Watch the videos as students make their own creations: codemathteks.edublogs.org/numbers/binary. And take care of bodies too!  Replace candy sales with binary jewelry.

    Art of Blending

  • Blending Music and Perfume
  • Blending the Dots through Art
  • Shart Tank – Connecting ART, Computing, and Finance – In the STREAM.
  • My Bucket List and Learning
    The STREAM Hunt begins …


    The Bench – Where is it?

    Spring Break with a Friend

    Spring Break with a Friend

    Where is Camp Logan?

    Where is Camp Logan?

    What do you want to learn?

    What do you want to learn?

    Have you paddled down Buffalo Bayou?

    Have you paddled down Buffalo Bayou?

    Took me 40 years, but finally did the Buffalo Bayou Regatta

    Took me 40 years, but finally did the Buffalo Bayou Regatta

    In 5 Days Kelly goes to Space Station – What do you need to learn to get there?
    We are in Houston, so should make it easier.
    A Year in Space