Computer Science Education is Future Money
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My inspiration show CBS Sunday Morning had a special on Prince.  I wish they shared his philanthropy – Yes We Code – to inspire low-income youth to have a voice in the tech sector. We need entrepreneurs like the creator of Nike to get on this bandwagon and inspire youth through basketball or whatever their passion might be. What If we send out armies of Shakespearean bees and history mysteries to leave words, like the title, “Alvearie” which means beehive. We need an alveary in the classroom to create a natural speed increase to production.  Too many are bringing “relief” to education that hurts brains, like those with loving intentions that send donations and cause problems.

Now if you are having trouble following these connections, watch the stories and create your own.  Now to research putting a beehive in my backyard to produce honey, a natural allergy solution. And to maybe look into an easy pet, a tortoise. But then I have to tend to naturalizing my gardens.
squash2016 squash2016Circle

Decision making, most important thing for kids to learn!

How trees inspired the renewable plastic of the future

My passion is to scale the passion of innovative code teachers like Gena at Westwood ES in Spring Branch ISD. She designed a manipulative to bridge understanding for her students who could not solve puzzles and needed hands-on 3D practice to see the patterns. She created a gameboard with Blockly manipulatives to use as a scaffolding tool to teach computational thinking to her 2nd/3rd grade class. The kiddos use it to think through the Blockly-puzzle problems on and to create puzzles of their own. In sharing her teaching tool she inspired the intervention specialist to make the connection of coding to help students struggling with math. Adding to this creative school puzzle we need principals to create innovative code schools to help find the secret code in every child’s unique brain. We need time for CS for All. We need to naturalize learning environments in every classroom.



Computer Science for ALL #2BAChampOfChange

To Be a Champion of Change for
Computer Science Education!

How fun, invigorating, inspirational, and motivating for the White House to value my passion. Now I just need more Code Buddies to build brains. My goals are:

Please join me as a volunteer in the classroom and you will change a student’s life.

  • Step 1:  Watch Amy Poehler Smart Girls White House Video
  • Step 2:  Step up to the plate.
    • Design an action item and implement it.
    • Be persistent – take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Step 3:  Build on your unique passion – be yourself.
    • Create Questions through conversation.
    • Work with those who want to work with you.
  • Step 4:  When you feel froggy, jump.
    • When you have an idea, communicate it!
    • Write, Blog, Write, Tweet, Code a website
    • Make a “Smart Girl” video tweet with your parent or teacher
      • Share a question, an idea or your passion with @TedE4CS
  • Step 5:  Be a Code Buddy.
    • Friends of CS Partners – write businesses to fund CS project managers.
    • Bring coding to activity centers in classrooms and libraries.


TedERooseveltRoom “There is nothing to fear, But fear itself”

Create the Great Presidential Debate between Teddy and Franklin TedE In the White House West Wing Roosevelt Room – It is TIME!

The next Internet is Robotics Will you be ready to help people perform at their best?

TCEA 2016


Freedom is earned through education, you are a slave to your own ignorance. – TedE 4 CS
Feb. 1st Lincoln Freedom Day – Building the CS Mindset

Computational Thinking is a process to learn how to think critically.
Do IT when your brain is thinking. As that saves time.
TIME, the missing element in the classroom.
Time for teacher and student innovators to solve real world problems.
TIME to build projects around their aspirations and interests.

Step up to the plate was the message I received at the White House from Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, Lisa Gelobter, Chief Digital Service Officer, R. David Edelman, Assistant to the President for Economic and Technology Policy, John King, Acting Secretary of Education, and Megan Smith, US Chief Technology Officer. I am going to use the voice I have been blessed to have been given to implement change for those in the classroom.

I am hoping a few hands-on tools in this TCEA 2016 workshop will help you step up to the plate.  And bring you some of the funding from Obama’s CS for All initiative. I am advocating for all  classroom teachers who give their time to integrate computer science into their daily lessons be given a $10,000 stipend. Like the M.I.T. Invent teams.  After all teaching should not be a volunteer job.  I would like to see a project manager hired for every school to collaborate with the school librarian to build code buddies from the community who help bring every week an Hour of Code to our children. As we must ACT LOCALLY, AS WE THINK GLOBALLY.

Computer science must first be introduced without a computer.  It is the hands-on activities that are more important then the online applications.  The process of designing a solution to a problem, not coding, is what CS is about.  Being able to translate that idea into a language the computer can understand is why coding is such a powerful learning tool.

Integrate Computational Thinking and Coding into Your Curriculum
Karen North, affiliate,, AAUW, NCWIT, ISTE CTN

  1. Who are You?  Binary Bracelets
  2. Vocabulary Fold-a-Book: Decompose, Abstraction, Pattern Matching, Algorithm
  3. Mondrian Art

Remembering what is Important

My grandsons would say Basketball
– See HOW he STEPS UP TO THE PLATE in 4th quarter as passing did not work.


Proven Resources from my 30 years of experience as a CS teacher:

My Web Lessons:

Design Thinking with computational thinking and computer science education standards

White House

Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer with the 9 Champions of Change.
Lead round table discussion in the Roosevelt Room.
Continued with President’s Week Address and COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR ALL.

Gillian Jacobs and Meredith Walker lead panel and filmed champions.
Step One to advance CS is to watch Gillian’s amazing video she produced.
The Queen of Code: A documentary about Grace Hopper

Thank you SBISD Karen Justl for the nomination. I was selected as a Champion of Change for Computer Science Education. I am awed and honored as this can only help scale my passion for changing the classroom. And motivate others to be code buddies.  See the Post and what they do for CS Education.

Spring Branch ISD Online News Room Shared Details

And if you want to know solutions, just ask TedE @tede4cs as he has been working on this since Maxine Clark brought him to life. Megan Smith suggested he have his photo with Teddy in the Roosevelt Room where she led an amazing discussion on scaling CS education.

TedERooseveltTexas has been leading the nation in computer science education.  Since 1980s we have had certified CS teachers.  And Texas continues this lead with Carol Fletcher of the TRC, who also was at the White House for this event and reported the details. Would you like to write a story for me with my White House photos?

Obama’s Push For Computer Science Teaching

Hopefully this year will be the year of Action.

Happy Binary Day

01001000 01100001 01110000 01110000 01111001 00100000
01001110 01100101 01110111
00100000 01011001 01100101 01100001 01110010

“There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

New Year’s Resolution – Implement Binary Education
Research and Share Your Ideas – See CODE MATH TEKS for my ideas!


Data Scientist

DATA SCIENTIST is one of the top 15 tech roles.  All kids should be data scientists.  Decision making should be a top skill taught, as you can’t make a decision without data.  Yet schools and teachers make most the decisions for kids.  That needs to change!

PRESENCE – Harvard psychologist and TED star Amy Cuddy reveals how to unleash your boldest self to heighten your confidence, influence others, and perform at your peak. Can striking the proper pose put you in good standing for the rest of your life? When you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to actually feel powerful.

How can you make a presence in your school?
“America is a nation of DOERS. The hard working and the smart working,
the all-in going all-out, with the kind of can-do work ethic that defines America.”

PROCESS – How can presence be used to find funding?  Microsoft is investing $75 million to build CS Education, but what is the process that can be used to get that needed funding to teachers?  Have been in this game for 30 years, and still the same problem as when I started.  Time and Funding in the classroom is going to intervention instead of prevention. Others outside the classroom decide what teachers need, yet teachers know, just are dying as asked to do too much.  Can you be a Data Scientist and use that data to once and for all make computer science an academic area with the same classroom time allotment as “academic” subjects? Or better yet, free up teachers to be personal brain trainers.

Free up time for students to solve real-world problems.  Such as in Dallas and other areas where homes were destroyed and lives were lost. What data can be collected to reduce the destruction caused by weather?  How many students were impacted in Garland? My friend and fellow affiliate has trained teachers in this area and we want to know how we can help them re-build.  Creating an action plan takes being a data scientist.  What can you find out? What can you do?

How can you make a presence in your school?
“America is a nation of DOERS. The hard working and the smart working.

Hour of Code

I, Annise D.Parker, Mayor of the City of Houston, hereby proclaim December 7-13, 2015, COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK.
BLS at Houston ClubAlan Ratliff, Mayor Annise Parker, Myself and Scott Brogan, Brilliant Lectures Founder.
See proclamation text on the TACSE CS Ed Week post.

Start here: online puzzles: Create snowflakes and play Mindcraft or Star Wars Games Hour of Code 2015

Action:  Spring Branch ISD – May the Force (and Coding) be With You!

Technology Director Karen Justl entered the Edgewood Elementary School library with a rolling R2-D2 robot emblazoned with the message “Please Follow Me to Learn.”  Joining her was Karen North with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), West Harris Count branch, which aims to build a volunteer “Coding Buddies” unit to help more girls and all students consider pursuing coding careers and education.



AAUW WISE CODE BUDDY training Spring Branch Memorial Library

AAUW Hour of Code Event – before Expanding Your Horizons Planning. We cut out snowflakes then coded Elsa to draw snowflakes.  You can cut snowflakes virtually at When I taught at Piney Point this turned into a 2nd grade GT project when it snowed during class-time, so I changed lesson plans and we walked in the snow to get inspiration for art.
 AAUWSnowflakes  AAUWSnowflakesRoseMary

Spring Branch Middle School – My grandson Gage is here. Librarian Brandee Smith planned the evening HoC event with participants including her principal and community members. She sponsors a Mindcraft club and is teaching a coding class in addition to her library work. A special hour of code was held for Special Education students who used Bee-Bots to plan a sequence of steps discovering an opposite pattern while finding letters on an alphabet mat. One student gave directions with his communication keyboard.
SBMSHourCodeSBMSBee-Bot   SequenceSteps  ResourceSBMS 

SBISD Hunters Creek Elementary School – See my grandson Kade with the proclamation. I have been designated as the official Code Buddy volunteer for HCE. Librarian Frances Moore planned an Hour of Code every day so all students experienced coding.
HCEKade   HourCodeHCEBeeBots  HuntersCreekLibrarianHOC  HCER2D2

SBISD Memorial High School – I went here and my 50th HS reunion is this year. Another 1966 graduate is learning to code from a CS student. Hour of Code Event Coordinator Librarian Renae van Zeelst has created a maker space. We would like to have lunch time conversations with former MHS students like Michael Dell. See SBISD Volunteer link to sign up.
MemorialHS   HourCodeMHSAnne    MHS

SBISD Edgewood Elementary School – The librarian Teresa Dolan dressed as Princess Leia attended my workshop along with SBISD Tech coordinator Karen Justl dressed as a Storm Trooper. Teresa had numerous robots (some brought with her own money) to code including the Ozobot, Dot and Dash, and Bee-bots . Even teachers get excited with success in coding the Bee-Bot: BeeBotEdgewoodTeacher
EdgewoodKaren  HourCodeEdgewoodKaren  EdgewoodOzobot EdgewoodGroup  EdgewoodStudent

SBISD Meadow Wood ES – The librarian Karen Lewis has turned her library into a maker space activity center; she managed 3 classes at one time when I was there, Amazing!  Assisting her is Code Buddy Martha Martinez.

EdgewoodCode Buddy  MWEBoysClap  MWEBoys  MWELegos

HISD Piney Point ES – I taught here 2010-2014 and hosted CS Ed Week Events before Hadi and Hour of Code. One was attended by Ioannis Kakadiaris University Houston Bioinformatic Dept. who arranged tour this year for SBISD see real-world face recognition software research. Last year and this year on one day all ancillary teachers host an hour of code coordinated by tech teacher and AAUW Code Buddy Amanda Jost and Kimberly Boyce.  Pictured is a parent and hopefully future code buddy, and PE teachers.


HISD Pin Oak MS – The premiere school because it is with Pamela Ossorio that for decades we have been presenting on the importance of computer science motivated with programming with graphics. And finally coding is becoming important in the class day.  And with AAUW we continue to build the computing mindset for girls.  Her class was multi-learning from improving grade with missing work, coding hour of code activities, building a scratch game that can turn bubbles into fighting pollution, and motivating a 6th graders who built and coded an NXT Robot to solve a rubric cube.

Pamela   ScratchDots PinOakGirls 

Keep Houston Beautiful – And finally my love, gardening and building a beautiful Houston through teaching and reaching learners.  KHB Director Robin Blut discovered the fun of coding Frozen who her granddaughter loves.  Please contact Robin if you would like to join the Education Committee to help scale U-Roc, recycling, gardening, and other educational projects.


Go here: Your future
OK – that was pretty cool. I spent an hour coding (I didn’t think I had) designing my snowflake; and have already sent the link to my siblings, nieces, nephews, my son and his wife. The work that I do as a FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL is the “same” that I did as an engineer.– Vincent M. Weir, Senior Vice President – Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors

Need publicity – still looking for a Houston Chronicle article.

  1. Spring Branch ISD – where I went to school and now my grandchildren.
  2. Austin Student Startup Crawl
  3. Hawaii with affliate Shane – my brother lives in Captain Cook Hawaii said, So, instead of doing my bank reconciliation, I did the Minecraft Hour of Code. Mucho fun! Once started, it’s hard to stop.
  4. Hawaii Department of Education
  5. Dallas with my affiliate friend Kim
  6. Los Altos California – a #CSK8 Twitter Teacher

Code Buddy


Stand by a Teacher – Playing For Change | Song Around the World

Why do IT … Its about the process and the challenge.  It is fun.
Some like to build houses, some art, quilts, some food.  I like to build brains.

And Coding … Computer Science is the best tool out there.
Builds Persistence, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity.


The best donation … give your TIME. Be a CODE BUDDY.
There is an unplugged lesson or puzzle that can fit with your passion.
Please ask me, your Code Buddy.

What is Code? ACTIVITY TABLES @ SBM Library Event 12/1/15:

  1. Why Code sponsored by AAUW-WHC WISE
  2. Binary Bracelets and Google CS First Design & Fashion Club
  3. Plant-a-seed Algorithm and U-Roc Curriculum sponsored by Keep Houston Beautiful
  4. Code the Bee-Bot sponsored by Terrapin Logo Tools for Thinking
  5. online puzzles: Create snowflakes and play Mindcraft or Star Wars Games Hour of Code 2015

Hour Code SBM Library AAUW Sponsor