Code Buddy

Why do IT … Its about the process and the challenge.  It is fun.
Some like to build houses, some art, quilts, some food.  I like to build brains.

And Coding … Computer Science is the best tool out there.
Builds Persistence, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity.


The best donation … give your TIME. Be a CODE BUDDY.
There is an unplugged lesson or puzzle that can fit with your passion.
Please ask me, your Code Buddy.Hour Code SBM Library AAUW Sponsor

CS Ed Week

The best donation … give your TIME.  Be a CODE BUDDY.

Once a student can see what they create, right before their eyes, they’re empowered to keep going. Every 21st Century student should have the opportunity to take part in creating technology that’s changing our world. The panelists at the TRC Meeting shared ideas that can be scaled to make this happen, such as a CTO for computer science. The proclamation from the mayor of Houston capped the event by proclaiming December 7-13, 2015, COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK.  Celebrating is easy to implement with …

Christianne Corbett AAUW Senior Researcher, Bilal Khan, City of Houston

Karen North AAUW-WHC, Ammi Ludwick NCWIT, Sangeeta Gad UHD
… during Grace Hopper Conference 2015.

ProclamationCarolHalKaren North, Hal Speed TACSE President, Carol Fletcher TRC

Texas Alliance of Computer Science Education Presentation

Presented Proclamation from Mayor by Bilal Khan and Jerry Davis of City of Houston
Computer Science Education Week Proclamation
American Association of University Women
Houston and West Harris County Branches, and
Texas Alliance for Computer Science Education

WHEREAS the Texas Alliance for Computer Science Education (TACSE) is leading a grassroots statewide effort to educate all Texans about the value of K-12 computer science education; and,

WHEREAS only 2% of Texas high school graduates have taken a computer science course and only 8% of advanced placement computer science students are African-American or Hispanic; and,

WHEREAS, today, women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S. economy but hold less than 25 percent of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs; and,

WHEREAS, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), founded in 1881, is an organization that serves as the nation’s leading voice in promoting equity and education for women and girls; and,

WHEREAS, in a world increasingly dependent on technology, computer science is crucial for every student;

WHEREAS, each year, Computer Science Education Week is celebrated in December in observance of Grace Murray Hopper, a major female contributor to computer science, and to call attention to the need for improving and strengthening computer science education. During the week of December 7-13, 2015 AAUW Houston will host a Hour of Code for women and girls to education them about computer science for one hour; and

WHEREAS, the City of Houston is a strong supporter of STEM initiatives and commends the American Association of University Women Houston and the Texas Alliance for Computer Science Education for its leadership in STEM Education,

THEREFORE, I, Annise D.Parker, Mayor of the City of Houston, hereby proclaim December 7-13, 2015, COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK.

And continuing this outreach, would love to find a business that wanted to sponsor CODE professional style Polo Shirts like the one from the Nov. 2015  Super Computer Conference in Austin.PoloShirtSC15


Scaling CS Education


Action Items:

Recent Items of Interest:

The future:

  • I predict brick and mortar schools, brick and mortar teachers, and the Carnegie units that drive standards and testing will go ahead. The paradigm shift out the factory age classroom will be replaced by information age learning and entrepreneurial teachers.

Coding gives Student Voice … and teachers too if they have time to collaborate.

  • It will be students who drive this revolution. Teachers maybe you should go ahead and make the switch. Learn to Code. Computers control the world, but computer scientists control the computers. Be a computer science teacher. Teach history: Mankind: The story of All of Us to scale ideas from the past that change the future.

Geometry Decoded

Houston Arts Partners Conference
Code Math TEKS with Mondrian Art

Young Audiences of Houston,, & Pin Oak MS (Houston ISD)
Friday 9/11 10:15 and Saturday 9/12 12:45
HAPTedeMondrianArt1photo 2ArtGroup2photo 5 and Young Audiences of Houston team up to show how visual arts and coding can be used in the classroom to teach geometry concepts, prepare students for college, and develop their creative problem solving skills. Young Audiences visual artist Liz Conces Spencer will take participants through an activity that demonstrates how geometry is used in visual arts. Karen North, Computer Science Education Consultant from and Pamela Ossorio, Tech Specialist at Pin Oak MS, will then show participants how to code the geometric patterns they created and observed. This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to start using visual arts and coding in your classroom.
Mondrian Art Header


Teachers are performing artists in front of an audience every school day.
The art they produce is seen in every student’s smile.
They need time to rehearse. They need feedback. They need applause too.
They need freedom to create, so their audiences can create.

They build brains. Their art is the future.

HAPMelissa2HAPBrandeeHAP Rice AliceHAPMarilynHAPCPamelaMarilynHAPCBeads

RUSMP Workshop


Code Math TEKS
Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills

Rice University School Math Project is supporting coding as a tool to practice math problem solving. This builds pattern recognition, decision making, organizational skills and following a sequence of steps. Coding gives teachers another tool to differentiate instruction to reach every child. Since your classroom is unique, please share your ah-ha moments when you see a code concept that can help your unique students master a math concept.

Please see the Houston Chronicle article, RUSMP Hosts Exciting Workshop for Houston Educators.

Build inspiration through passions with a Google CS First Club. Inspire persistence in Problem Solving. Connect the dots. Observe the crazy circle illusion. Create 3D Cubes.

CrazyCircleBallsBinaryBraceletsUHDTech-Science-Hum VennDiagramInterests Clubs3DArtistCodeStudio-u2fykl

Real-World CS

And real-world professional development! Spring Branch ISD technology teachers went to the University of Houston to see computer science research and development in action. “Teachers need to be inspired about computer science so they can inspire their students.” Karen Justl, SBISD Tech Coordinator.

Pepe Head Hand Brain21CamerasKaren Poste

Laboratory for Noninvasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems, University of Houston
Be Inspired to Learn More
CBL – Computational Biomedicine Lab

Coding – Filling my destiny

Created by my student in an Integrated Tech Magnet program over a decade ago. In retirement still filling my destiny to teach, the most amazing job as it never stops. Taking coding to the arts supported by the Young Audiences of Houston at the Houston Arts Conference in September, please come!.

See the Filling my destiny Post by the librarian at Spring Branch MS. She motivates me to continue what drives me to keep teaching in my retirement. Now to get code buddies in schools to help teachers teach coding.



My mother is going to tell my story. Maybe one day I will have a device like Barbie that gives me the power to communicate a little myself. When she goes to conferences to talk about computer science education I get to go with her. At the ISTE 2013 Conference my mother’s roommate said I had to have a Twitter handle which I created as @TedE4CS.

At the 2015 Summit she was presenting on her history of CS Advocacy so I went to help her along with my buddy the Bee-Bot. She is leaving on another trip so will finish her story in August, but I said before you leave please post some pictures of me. She is hoping that those who attended will share their advocacy ideas on the Google form. She is excited that she met rooms full of experts that have done so much more and wants to hear how they did it. At our breakfast table heard these conversatons: ChicagoCodeorgCarl, ChicagoCodeorgDebbie, ChicagoCodeOrgSabrina

I even got to wear Hadi’s hat that was wore by the President when he coded. I had dinner with the Texas Team and got to ride the Ferris Wheel with Auntie Ruth and Linda.

Super Power

The most powerful of software tools is the programming language … an important role for the teacher is as a sort of human tool, a consultant on ways and means, rather than an initiator of activities for students.” – Brian Harvey 1980

Since starting teachin in 1980s I have had a super hero in the classroom with me

Learn about a the “superpower” that isn’t being taught in 90% of US schools.


Decision Making

This is the answer to the question below. I decided to leave the Tech for Tots Conference in Galveston yesterday. So much for my plan to give the award to the winner of the Estimate the number of beads and money in the Code Jar game today. The answer is 826 beads and $8.26. The winner is Michele; she estimated 826 beads and $9.27.

Part of decision making is using the best resource to solve a problem. So, have learned that I should use a Google Form to collect the data. That way I can easily use the spreadsheet to calculate the winner. This connects to Big Data and Crowd Sourcing, a Code Studio unplugged lesson. The more data, the better the decision.

Computer Science teaches data analysis and using that data to solve a problem. And since the computer is more accurate and faster than a human, coding the solution to the problem is more effective. CEOs make the big bucks because they are responsible for the big decisions, and includes the cost of software. So, they need to learn, What is Code?

So, how do students learn to make decisions if the teacher decides what kids are supposed to do? And how do teachers allot time to this if administrators are deciding the allocation of their teaching time? It is an equity issue, allocate the same amount of time to coding and PBL that goes to testing. And TIME, not money is the most needed resource in the classroom.

One cannot make a decision without data.  The more questions the more information. So …

Teach questioning!

Teach the process of finding the best solution, not the right answer.

Teach Computational Thinking.

CT = Critical Thinking + Computing.