Art of Blending

22 03 2015
  • Blending Music and Perfume
  • Blending the Dots through Art
  • My Bucket List and Learning
    The STREAM Hunt begins …


    The Bench – Where is it?

    Spring Break with a Friend

    Spring Break with a Friend

    Where is Camp Logan?

    Where is Camp Logan?

    What do you want to learn?

    What do you want to learn?

    Have you paddled down Buffalo Bayou?

    Have you paddled down Buffalo Bayou?

    Took me 40 years, but finally did the Buffalo Bayou Regatta

    Took me 40 years, but finally did the Buffalo Bayou Regatta

    In 5 Days Kelly goes to Space Station – What do you need to learn to get there?
    We are in Houston, so should make it easier.
    A Year in Space

    Childhood Dreams

    8 03 2015

    Betty McCutchanI can’t stop thinking about how fast I lost a friend, a P.E.O. sister, and former President of our AAUW chapter. It was on January 27th that Betty was facilitating a table at the training for presenters for the Expanding Your Horizons Conference. A conference to inspire middle school girls to study STEM fields. Cancer took her away on March 8th.

    I am not sure if you have read “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch who was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon. In his book he said “I want to create more research brains to create a cure for the cancer that is killing me.” I just watched his video again, Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams, and thought of Betty, and wonder how we can continue Betty’s dreams.

    In 2008 I dedicated a video to Randy Pausch featuring my grandson: I did I.T.! : Puzzles – An EC Assessment Tool. I just returned from SxSWEdu and heard speaker after speaker talk about solutions, which are nothing more than what I have been fighting to implement in the classroom for decades. Even my 10 year-old grandson Gage can tell you the solution, eliminate grades and B&W worksheets. He said he understands math when he does a project about what he is learning and is not worried about his score. It is challenging research and development that inspires innovation and creativity.

    We must make the paradigm shift to 21st century learning NOW! I walked through his future middle school and saw desks in a row. For Gage, for all students, this factory mode classroom must be removed. We need a STREAM of change to solve the equation. Schools must be builders of dreams!!

    Power of CODE in Education

    1 02 2015

    TCEA 2015

  • Create a Binary Bracelet and Estimate Beads in the Code Jar: Code Studio Unplugged Lessons. – At Tech App Day and Exhibit Hall Terrapin Booth 2263
  • Tech Apps Day Tuesday:

    K12 CS Education:

    1. TechApps CTE CS Legislative Action
    2. Growth of K12 CS and Computational Thinking Presentation
    3. Computational Thinking Definition Flyer
    4. ISTE CT Progression Chart
    5. SIGCT CT Poster
    6. Computational Thinking Lesson from

    TRC Texas CS Task Force
    Goal: Increase the Number of Students Taking Computer Science Related H.S. Courses
    Problem: Duplicate Courses and Funding
    Solution: Legislative Action

    TCEA recommends that the legislature move the HS Tech Apps courses in C126 into the Career Technical Education curriculum, Chapter 130. The SBOE should be given the authority to review and align the courses, eliminate duplicate standards, and ensure the level of rigor matches the purpose for each course.


    Power of Nature

    26 12 2014


    Ever changing, ever constant … the power of nature to inspire thinking.
    Three years of Sun in Three minutes

    Holiday Lights on the Sun

    What CIRCLE ILLUSIONS are you going to CREATE this year?

    Circle Illusion Coded in

    Circle Illusion Coded in Pyret

    See the Code behind the Circle Illusion in Pyret.

    Hour of Code Celebrations

    1 12 2014

    “Computer Science is electricity for your brain!”
    Answer by a 1st grader when asked what is Computer Science.

    Connections adding brain electricity in Houston:

    See Photos at:

    I celebrated Computer Science Education week both as an AAUW Member and a Affiliate. It started by picking up a proclamation celebrating CS Ed Week from Anise Parker, the Mayor of Houston. The big event was a reception at Schlumberger. Code Clubs from Hamilton M.S., HISD; Clifton M.S., HISD; DeZavala Elem., HISD; Crockett M.S., FBISD; Quail Valley M.S., FBISD demonstrated skills. AAUW and Teachers taught how to make binary bead bracelets and code a Bee-Bot. I continued my outreach at Spring Branch ISD Memorial HS and Woodview ES, Houston ISD Piney Point ES and Kolter ES. A friend, Marti Daniel won the $10,000 prize from and the Houston ISD partnership with was announced.

    Computer Science Education Week Proclamation
    American Association of University Women
    Houston and West Harris County Branches

    WHEREAS, today, women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S. economy but hold less than 25 percent of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs; and,

    WHEREAS, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), founded in 1881, is an organization that serves as the nation’s leading voice in promoting equity and education for women and girls; and,

    WHEREAS, according to a 2010 research report by the AAUW, negative stereotypes and gender bias in the school climate are barriers that continue to block women and girl’s progress in STEM; and,

    WHEREAS, in a world increasingly dependent on technology, computer science is crucial for every student;

    WHEREAS, each year, Computer Science Education Week is celebrated in December in observance of Grace Murray Hopper, a major female contributor to computer science, and to call attention to the need for improving and strengthening computer science education. During the week of December 8-14, 2014 the AAUW Houston will host a Hour of Code for women and girls to education them about computer science for one hour; and

    WHEREAS, the City of Houston is a strong supporter of STEM initiatives and commends the American Association of University Women Houston for its leadership in STEM Education,

    THEREFORE, I, Annise D.Parker, Mayor of the City of Houston, hereby proclaim December 8–14, 2014, COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK.

    Art of Programming

    2 11 2014

    Learn the art of designing apps, graphics, stories and games.
    Join the CS Education Week revolution … THE HOUR OF CODE IS HERE … Forever

    CS provides students with tools for critical thinking, logic, persistence, and creativity to help students excel at problem-solving in all subject areas, no matter what their age. Even kindergarten-aged pre-readers can participate. has developed an elementary school curriculum to explore the limitless world of computing- at no cost for schools. The courses blend online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with “unplugged”activities that require no computer at all.

    Teachers learn the art of programming so you can motivate your digital age children by signing up for FREE PD. Find a workshop at or in Houston find a date that works for you:

    … and …

    Please sign up for HOUR OF CODE Today –


    15 09 2014

    Computer Science For Elementary School

    “The real challenge today is not to make new and improved tools but to make new and improved classrooms that can incorporate such tools.”
    Connected Code – Why Children Need to Learn Programming
    –by Kafai and Burke

    Are you up for the challenge of improving your classroom with FREE Coding Tools?

    If YES, be the innovator by signing up for free PD at Houston Code Camps for Teachers:

    … and …

    Please sign up for HOUR OF CODE Today –

    Code Camp

    27 07 2014

    Created by a SBISD student.

    Created by a SBISD student.

    TEXAS LAWStudents in a Texas high schools are to be given the opportunity to take two computer science courses.

    FEDERAL LAW … Passed House and now in Senate an act To define STEM education to include computer science

    CREATE THE INTEREST by sponsoring CODE CAMPS during and after school. Spring Branch ISD hosted their first camp in July.

    THE CS MINDSET was started in SBISD by providing professional development for 26 elementary school teachers and giving each school a 6-pack of Bee-Bots to integrate computational thinking into their daily lessons.

    CODE CAMP FOR TEACHERS is now available in Houston. Our first Code Camp will be Oct. 25th at Houston Community College Hayes Road Campus. Join the CODE.ORG family as we build the CS mindset with free training and resources. Sign up your school today so you can be first in line for the Power of Coding.

    CODE CAMP FOR STUDENTS was held in Spring Branch ISD in July 2014. Students now are asking for more, so we must train and motivate all teachers to bring coding to their classroom.

    Please use computers for creativity!!

    Time Dots

    11 07 2014

    These are deadlines that force you to take ACTION. But, that action creates connections to other plans and passions. For example:

    • Someone is coming over so your TIME priority switches to cleaning your house; and you stack your piles of papers in a box. Your project ideas are in one location making it is easier to organize the items. And in doing so find more ideas making the project better.
    • Presentation on Design Thinking took me back to posters I developed for a 2009 conference. Had I not had this deadline, I would have missed the connection to my current computer science outreach with Still thinking 5 years later and the solutions I suggested are the same ones I am suggesting now trying to get implemented. And wondering how Time Dots, that is connected action plans, can be mapped.

    Connect the Dots

    1 06 2014


    I am just a dot trying to make connections. After 30 years of teaching I know without a doubt that we cannot do it alone. The only solution in this educational reform quest is to provide TIME for teachers and students to connect the dots.